Monday, February 27, 2012

our names

The other night I was home alone. Thinking about baby names.
Well, baby fever of course! Simple because I had nothing else to do.

I downloaded the Baby Names app on my phone and just started searching. 
It gives you the option to see how popular your first name was the year you were born,
and how popular your last name is.
 All of this according to the U.S. Census of 2009.

Here are our numbers:

First Name

 Lindsay was the 37th most popular name in 1983
Lindsay was the name of choice for 8,614 girls born in 1983
Lindsay was given to 0.48% of girls born in 1983
{Lindsay with an A has different numbers than Lindsey with an E}

Anthony was the 19th most popular name in 1986
Anthony was the name of choice for 21,384 boys born in 1986
Anthony was given to 1.14% of boys born in 1986

Last Name

Malone ranked #426 most common last name
69,257 is the number of people with Malone as their last name
1 in every 3,895 people  share the last name Malone

Antenucci is ranked #43,232 most common last name
471 is the number of people with Antenucci as their last name
1 in every 572,743 people share the last name Antenucci 

What I concluded...
Lindsay was less common than Anthony in our specific birth years.
Malone is far more common than Antenucci.
Lindsay Antenucci is very rare name.

Guess I'm pretty rare ;)


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I'll have to look up my name and see where it ranks. I think Carol was pretty uncommon in 1984 though...

Caroline said...

Awww fun!

Amanda said...

That's pretty neat!!! What app is this?! I'd love to figure out mine name. :)