Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 for 3

Happy Spring!!

I made Loaded Turkey Santa Fe Potato Skins that I found on pinterest. It was a bit dry with the potato, but we ate it anyways. It might have been better adding sour cream or a dressing, but that would have defeated the purpose of it being skinny.
Well being that I doubled the recipe, we were able to make a lot of meals our of it. We made taco salad. We made burritos. For the taco salad, we just added chips and some lettuce. For the burrito we heated up a tortilla, put in a little bit of cheese and of course guacamole!
The burritos were delicious! Seriously, I think we will make them this way every time it's on the menu. You gotta try it! Our first pinterest recipe was a success.

The next two...those were failures. Like majorly, yuck, cannot eat failures.
I tried the creamy potato soup I have been seeing everywhere. Failed! 
I tried the white bean and chicken chili. Failed! I promise I follow the directions exactly. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. So I have officially decided to give up on soups or at least creamy soups that go in the crock pot. Just tired of wasting the food and money. It's not worth it. We'll have to have potato soup whenever we go to Outback :)

Moving on from the crock pot and slow cookers. Any recipes you have found on pinterest that are worth sharing, ones that you have actually made?!? I'd love to see which ones so I might give them a try.


T Jones said...

I have a yummy potato soup one that I've made a couple times & we like. It's not crock pot & I found it on Natalia's blog

Mallory said...

I made these potatoes and they were delicious and easy to serve!


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