Thursday, March 22, 2012

little bits of happiness v.1

Good Morning! I am at work bright and early today. And I was so pleased it wasn't freezing when I left my house at 6:30am....does that mean spring is going to be bringing gorgeousness?!?! I think so :)

can you tell i have food on the brain?!?
chips and salsa make me so happy! i could seriously eat them // strawberries shortcake or just strawberries with whipped cream or just plain ol' strawberries. yup, i love me some strawberries!! especially in the spring and summer when they are huge and juicy and fresh and oh so yummy!! // and last but certainly not non-human bff Starbucks! oh how i love thee! you make me happy just by walking into your store and the smell of coffee. you know how to brighten my day. the friendly people at my local store. the taste of yumminess!

Mrs Stephanie T


Stephanie Thigpen said...

chips and salsa, plus guacammole. why do i see none of that in your picture?!

Caroline said...

Those are things to get excited over for sure!

Beth Ann said...

non-human BFF...yep, Starbucks is mine, too. ;)

Kasey Lynne said...

I could eat chips and salsa every day too. They're just SO good!

I base a Mexican restaurant off of their chips and salsa. VERY important haha