Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Things...

~I have an obsession with hand sanitizer. I cannot get enough of it. It's in my car door for after pumping gas, for example. It's in my purse, for touching yucky door handles. It's everywhere. I have always been made fun of for everyone, including Tony. Well, over the weekend we were at a stop lighting and I was watching these young girls, who were also moms I assume, they were just those people who you could tell shouldn't be moms. Yes, I judged. Well, this girl with the 5 pony tails and bright pink hair and raccoon eyes {not joking} is standing there totally fidgety. Then all of a sudden sticks hand hand down her inside her pants!!!....'hangs out for a bit', then proceeds to push the cross walk button. I looked over at Tony and said, 'Now that is exactly why sanitizer is my best friend.' I don't think he'll be making fun anymore :)

~Aarika and her boyfriend stopped by on Monday night. We stuffed our faces ate, had one drink {yes I swear only one}, and talked and talked and talked. It was a nice evening with them. I miss my seester!!! Tuesday morning we had a quicky coffee date. Literally, we just stood in line together. Can't wait for you to get back to California!!!
~I am taking maternity photos of my friend on Saturday. I am a bit nervous, but it is just for fun. I just hope she likes at least some of them. Will post some photos next week. After the session, she and I are planning to see The Vow.

~I love, like seriously love, the Tilapia and Mahi Mahi we get from Costco. It is so delicious!!! I could eat it every.single.night. And trust me when I say I used to never eat fish. I would be totally gross out by it. Now...I love it! Well, only white fish. But still it's fish and healthy and oh so delish!!

~Why are Girl Scout cookies so delicious?!?!? It's like potato chips, you can't have just three one. Thank goodness they only come around once a year, otherwise I would be in major trouble! These two are my absolute favorite! And of course you can only eat thin mints if you freeze them, don't you agree? ;)
~My new morning routine, 90% of the time. I have decided to make my coffee at home, put a little creamer in it just to add some flavor and cool it down a bit because the travel mug Tony got me for Christmas, keeps it so hot!!
~What is up with this weather we are having in Southern California?!?!?! I see that everyone else in the country is having gorgeous weather. This is what we have been seeing first thing in the morning all week. What is up with the fog?? I have been wearing my shorter peacoat when I leave my house...I don't like that. It's spring!!
{taken at 7:20am this morning}

Well, I gotta get to work. Have a great day :)


Eric's Mommy said...

I am a hand washer, I am always washing my hands. Then I have to use hand lotion all the time because they are so dry! That hand down the pants thing totally grossed me out. I think I am going to start carrying hand sanitizer in my purse. YUCK.

I make my coffee at home every morning. I use the coffeemate hazelnut, it's so good. The Bailey's creamer is good too, but it's just not the same without the alcohol.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

We freeze thin mints too - Unfortunately, or fortunately, we didn't get any this year! No one came by and we didn't see anyone selling them - I am quite upset!

And the weather?! SOO weird!

Angela said...

Lindsay, you will take great pictures! I still looooove the ones you took of Noah last year! Don't doubt your abilities! :)