Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Recap

I have been totally MIA on this little blog of mine. I have been super exhausted from work; working loads of overtime. I just haven't had the desire to go on the computer at night when I am on it at work. But I miss this journal of mine. I miss posting and reading and journaling.
Not to computer at work doesn't support blogger anymore. This damn blogger makes you have google chrome now, and I am blocked from downloading it at work.
Even though Easter was a couple weeks ago here is my update. Or better described as photo overload. All I have to say is we had a very enjoyable time with family and ate and ate and ate!!

Saturday morning my made the most delicious breakfast.... potatoes, bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, gravy, mimosas. Amazing and oh so filling!

Saturday night we had to stop by our favorite, Casa Corona, with SIL and MIL. Yes! I ate that entire plate of food. Plus about four bowls of chips and salsa.

On Easter we headed to Nona's house. Took some family photos. Ate loads of homemade Italian food. Raviolis. Meatballs. Bread. Potato things (idk what they are called lol).
Cream puffs...AMAZING!!!!

{Us with MIL and SIL}

We ate so much. Oh my word!!!
Good thing Saturday morning we ran the high school stadium
(which is a crazy amount of stairs actually) 
for 40 minutes straight.
Awesome workout!!!