Wednesday, May 30, 2012

grooming party

Aarika just became a licensed estheician. Super proud of her.
She is awesome at what she does and loves it with a passion.

I am lucky enough to benefit from this career of hers. Which makes me super excited by the way.
I, I mean she,  gets discounts on skincare products, makeup {we just found out}, waxing, anything beauty related for the most part.

I had let my eyebrows grow out for months a month. I was super nervous to let her wax my brows. I mean come on now...brows make or break someones face. She is new at this. She has practiced, a lot, but still...I was nervous. Not to mention she had a glass or two of wine prior to the waxing party.
My mom kept reassuring me she was there to make sure everything was ok. Well mom...once the wax is on and she is pulling the paper, I am SOL if something happens.

Thank God Aarika is awesome...I still have my brows :)
And you know, I would totally let her do it again. She told me not to pluck near the hairline until she gets back to California. Have I mentioned it will be about 2 months before I see her again.
I am itching to pluck, but I am being strong. I am just getting the strays, no need to worry Aarika.

I have received many, and by many I mean many photos and videos from mom and Aarika waxing their noses. The inside of their noses. It was the most hilarious thing the first time I saw it. Aarika kept insisting when she came out to CA, I was going to have to let her do it. Well that night after my brows, I let her do it. Seriously, it is the weirdest, strangest thing. Who would ever think to wax the inside of your nose?!?! Well, I am totally doing it again.
It doesn't hurt in the least. Honestly...not at all.
It feels a little funny after...
kinda like you're naked/bare. But it is so worth it!!
I think I am now obsessed with waxing my nose.
{I realized I didn't take an after of my can kinda tell here}

Another night we had a masque party 
 Tony even joined in on the fun. Aarika gave us both special treatments.
My face felt amazingly fresh and new and crazy amount of clean. It was awesome!!
Can't wait for you to get home to California permanently Aarika.
I could totally get used to this kind of treatment.
There's so many benefits to having you as an esthetician....
you are going to keep us all looking so young :)


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Waxing inside your nose?! how interesting! It is funny because as I was reading this, I suddenly became very aware of my "nose hair" hahaha!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

And Congrats to her!

Nicole Marie said...

wait what? waxing the inside of your nose??... i'm going to try it