Thursday, May 24, 2012

lots of celebrating

when celebrating a 21st birthday, i believe you can never celebrate too much.
even if it isn't your own. so being that Aarika and I were going to be together on her actual 21st birthday, while she was in town we did a lot of drinking celebrating!
I have photos from 3 of the nights, but I am pretty sure there were quite a few more.
One involved a birthday gift of an open bottle Jack Daniels. Aarika, Tony, myself and even mom got in on the action of a shot.

Night #1
Night #2
 Night #3
all the sisters and Tony. Laur didn't want to be pictured because she wasn't drinking...
I made some pretty strong drinks, as usual. I learned how to make a tequila sunrise, orwhat my version of what one would be.
Let the shots of whiskey, patron, and vodka begin
Aarika, the birthday girl,
holding her chaser of juice. she couldn't handle the shots.
Aarika freaked as soon as she swallowed...she thought running over to whip her face would help relieve the 'pain' in her throat. What a little light weight you are ;) 
Fun times celebrating with you!!!
Can't wait for you to come home and we can go out to eat and have a drink together :)