Thursday, June 28, 2012

a great shot

Tony and I got a memership to a shooting range here in town.
When we go shooting we like to take photos because we all know we {I} 
love documenting our lives :)

We were talking about how we would love to get a photo of the fire coming out of the gun. Now I am sure this has a technical name, but I have no ide what it's called...
so to me it is the fire coming out of the gun.

You have to get the shot perfectly timed, which is extremely unlikely unless you bring in a fancy/professional camera, which we do not do. So Tony took out his iphone and after the third photo he got this

Yup, he actually got a 'shot' of the fire coming out of the gun. I love this photo. I kept telling Tony how bad ass it is. Seriously...I think I might print it and put it on the fridge...I am that proud :)