Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my day in santa barbara

Last week I decided I was going to drive up to Santa Barbara to visit Aarika. Surpirse her actually. I made sure she didn't have any plans or work.  I dropped Tony off at work and off I went. It took an hour and a half to get there, so about 9am I arrived. She was still sleeping!!! I got the priveldge of waking her up....and to her surprise as she opened her eyes, I was standing in front of her :)
Once she got ready, we of course had to have a coffee date. Because well, that's just what we do. What we must do together.
my beautiful seestor

Then we headed to Ulta for some makeup. Stopped by her store {a beach clothing store} to see if there was anything I had to buy. I refrained :)
Had lunch at the brother of the dude who owns The Habit. So not as good as The Habit. Seriously, nothing is yummier than a cheeseburger from The Habit!!

Now that Aarika has moved home to California, she was able to wax my eyebrows. Something I had been waiting at least a month for. They were horrible. Like seriously horrible! Even Tony kept telling me to just pluck them. I told him there is nothing better than a clean waxed shaped on the brows.
The time finally came...see the before and after. A million times better!

Another thing sisters must do together...shop! We headed to American Apparel, where Aarika needed to buy the entire store, but with a sister who was teaching her responsibility and self control the lack of money she walked out empty handed. But while we were in there I had some fun.
Dont my brows look great...even better since she filled them in. Wish I knew how to do that...
I saw these bright pink pants. Totally had to try them on. They were amazing! Seriously, so freaking comfortable. Not too tight on the waist...you know when it just accentuates the loves {love handles}. Totally didn't do that. Although the black sweater totally makes it look like I have them....hmmm...

After we had an uneventful shopping experience, I headed home.
A three hour drive in traffic, mind you.
Yes, it took me twice as long to get home!!
Talk about a pissed off girl.
Have I mentioned I absolutely hate traffic. Like seriously, hate it!!
But I had a great day with Aarika!
Now seestor...it's your turn!