Thursday, July 26, 2012


since tony got a promotion at work, we had to get a second car.
he and i wont be working at the same location anymore, so that meant we were on the hunt for something new. at first we were looking at used cars through craigslist. what a nightmare that was.!!!
seriously, words cannot even explain the shit that is out there and the shit that people try to get away with when selling a used car!!

then i we decided to look at a family friends' mom and pop dealership site. we saw some things that we didn't really want to spend money on. we went back and forth for a couple weeks trying to figure out what was the best decision.

several weekends ago we drove up to fresno thinking we were going to get a small suv...a santa fe to be exact. from the moment i saw the photos, i hated it! there was just something about it that i didn't like. so i told tony that would be his car. and he was fine with that.

as we were driving i brought up the idea getting something we really love and stop wasting money on cars. i mentioned the idea of having a car and keeping it for when we have kids {which we hope is sooner that later}. so after discussing this for the 3.5 hour drive.

we came home with a ford explorer xlt!!!!
we are so in love with this car!
it is perfect.
we love everything about it.
it has lots of bells and whistles.
 silver color. all windows are now tinted.
 seat are leather: grayish-tan everything else: black.
 it has three rows. three seats behind the driver/passenger, then 2 more further back.
all backseats fold down completely flat. the third row seats also fold to make the drunk space deeper. i realize that probably makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. but im not sure how to explain that.

tony and i are beyond pleased with this purchase. we couldn't be happier!
next time...kiddos to fill all the seats ;)


Megan said...

I'm so glad you didn't get a Santa Fe. We have a friend who got one and it completely died and it wasn't even 3 years old! I have never heard anyone say anything good about them!

But I love the new explorer!!! Such an awesome looking car!! Congrats on the new car!!

Sarah said...

Pretty! Congrats on your purchase :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

"the drink space deeper" I know where your mind is! ;-)

I am glad you found a car you love!! Awesome!! And it is soo purrty!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

"Drunk Space"***

Amanda said...

I work at a Ford Dealership. I love the Explorer! :) Great pick!