Monday, July 9, 2012

a great weekend

We had such a fun filled weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!
Blue skies. Sunny. Hot. Perfect!

Saturday morning we decided to treat ourselves to Chik-Fil-A.
A spicy chicken biscuit to be exact. Oh so tasty and delicious :)
I could probably eat one if they didn't make me fat.

Then we went to play tennis. Almost two hours of tennis to be exact. That's a lot when you aren't very good. Which translates into running all over the court for a major cardio workout. But it was totally fun!!
We play for about 45 minutes of just fun and hitting it back and forth and 'practicing'.
Then the real competition started. Have I ever mentioned how competitive I get.
With my husband. My mom. Well with anyone actually.
But in this case I won. We played 3 out of 5 games. Yup, I won those 3!!!

Sunday we went shooting. I got a perfect shot of this hubs this time. Look at that!!! :)
He's a total hottie! He gets so excited when we go shooting. I love it!
Hubs had a great idea after lunch to go to the beach.
We headed to Santa Monica Beach for a couple hours.
Soaked up some sun. Gorgeous. Warm. Perfect for tanning :)
Love spending the weekends together. We have a blast. Always laughing. Lots of talking. And just being together. I love it! Never thought I could love someone so much, but Tony is seriously the most amazing guy. He loves me more than anything in the world and it shows
I love you around the world baby!!

By the way, it sucks getting up at 5am every day, because when the weekend comes...sleeping in just does.not.happen!! 
Our bodies automatically just wake up way too early for a Saturday and Sunday!!


Sharon said...

YOu guys have so much fun and are so cute together!!

Faith said...

The two of you are the cutest!

Looks like the perfect weekend. Love the pictures!

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