Wednesday, July 18, 2012

last night

For our anniversary:

Tony sent Edible Arrangements to work yesterday. Never had it before. Oh my!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it again. The pineapple is so juicy {like pineapple you get in Hawaii-amazing!!}. The chocolate covered!! Such a great surprise, thanks love!
We didn't plan anything because we are going out to a nice dinner this weekend. I got home before Tony, so I lit all the candles. Put on something kinda sexy. Poured two weenie shots of Whiskey, as a quick toast.
 Tony ordered our favorite pizza from up the road. I decided we should have a drink, so Tony made an impromptu Long Island...instead of coke he put in a splash of cran-raspberry juice.
Delicious. Strong.!
 As we ate our pizza, we watched our wedding video. I cry every single time we watch it. Certain parts of the video I get so emotional. Watching my cousin, David, help Tony get ready. Seeing the way Tony looks at me. Aarika give her MOH speech. Walking down the aisle with both my parents. All the fun we had.
It seriously was the best day ever!!
 Then we watched Kingdom of Heaven. Tony's favorite movie and ate this delicious Starbucks ice cream. If you haven't had it...GO GET IT!!!
It was a wonderful day.
Excited for our fun filled weekend plans :) 
I love you so much baby!!!


Caitlin said...

I have wanted an Edible Arrangement for as long as I can remember (at least 5 years)! I just have to find a way to tell the boyfriend without actually telling him. Ha ha.

That sounded like such a perfect anniversary date and that pizza looks devine!!!

Such a great idea to watch your wedding video!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :) Enjoy your weekend date!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Congrats! Happy Anniversary!!

Rorie said...

I have always wanted a Edible Arrangement!! Happy Anniversary!