Monday, July 23, 2012

lobster, steak & half a bottle later

Saturday night we went to Ruth's Chris in Pasadena for dinner and invited mom along. We had a gift card Tony won through work and we found out it was Dine LA Week, which means places have a fixed menu at a much cheaper price so you can try out different restaurants. Perfect timing, if I don't say so myself.

Once we got inside that sat us at a perfect little booth. Tony ordered a bottle of wine {not part of the deal}, and we stuffed our faces with bread and butter. We all ordered the lobster tail and steak. It was seriously so delicious!! I even ordered it medium well so it would be a bit juicy, and!!! Probably the best.steak.ever!!!
I am so glad Tony and the waiter talked me into not getting it well done as I usually do.
We each ordered a side and it was plenty to split between the three of us.
At this point Tony had one glass of wine, mom 1.5 glasses and me 1.5. Then Tony says ok we will cork it and take the rest home. Mom and I respond saying that we don't think it's legal to take an open bottle away from a restaurant {even though we did pay for it}. Tony reluctantly agreed. Tony says that mom and I have to finish off the bottle because we aren't leaving it. Mom says she can't because she has to drive home from our place. Tony can't because it was the driver.
I ended up drinking, no joke, half the bottle!!!

A dessert came with the menu, but it didn't sound very delicious...
so the waiter said for $4 more we can choose anything we want.
I decided on cheesecake, which did not disappoint in any way shape or form. It was amazing!!!
 Tony had a chocolate sin cake...amazing as well. Rich chocolate and espresso flavor.
Mom got a banana cream pie. She loved, not so much.

Dinner was amazing! Everything we had was so delicious.
If it weren't the Dine LA Week, the meal easily would have been about $300-$400.
We had a great night!!

As soon as we got home, I undressed and was out instantly.
Not even kidding...within 2 minutes I was laying on the bed. On top of the sheets asleep.
Tony was trying to talk to me and have some husband/wife time. Yea..that wasn't happening.
Half a bottle of what I told him Sunday morning.

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Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Sounds like am awesome night!! I LOVE DineLA!! Awesome timing!!