Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pool party!

two weeks ago we went to fresno for a pool party. we were supposed to go to bass lake, but it didn't work out so we just had a party at uncle gianni's instead.
any time we go to fresno it's all about
booze & food & booze & food

the weather was perfect for swimming. all the boys turned into little kids.
they were body slamming each other into the pool.
they had water gun fights.
they were wrestling all over the place.
they were all even too lazy to dry off to go inside to use the restroom...they all went on the side of the house in the bushes. if it were only that easy for us girls.

this vodka-redbull was round 3{i think}!

after tri tip. salad. bread. fruit. it was time to swim some more to work off all the calories we all just consumed. then as sun was setting, we went on a family walk to ice cream {for some} and frozen yogurt {for others}.

 rocky road for me please!!!
 not too sure what that was all about...i think they are still a bit drunk.
 the rest of the night was a bunch of chit chatting.
oh and some shots of vodka for all....round idontevenremembertotallylostcount!!!

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