Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tony got a promotion

tony had been working in the admissions dept for three months. he had mentioned from day one he wished he could get a job in the financial aid dept because that is more his interest in the long run. i had told him to just get used to working in an office, and if something comes up he should apply for it. well pretty much at his three month mark, the director of the financial aid dept ask tony if he would like to join her team. we came home, told me about it. we discussed it. talked over all the changes and finances it would affect. two days later he accepted the position. he is so happy.
yes, he did a fantastic job in the admissions dept. that's how we got our ruth's chris gift card. he was awesome in those three months. but sales isn't what he wants to do. it isn't a long term goal for him. anything to do with money, finances, accounting...that is all him. he loves that stuff...but not as much as his sexy wife of course. side tracked...sorry ;)

he drives 22 miles to work, instead of 3.5.
he leaves the house at 6:15, gets there by 6:45 and starts at 7.
he takes 1.25 hours to get home, due to traffic.
he loves his new job.

i am so proud of him.
a promotion after three months...
no too shabby baby!!! :)
such a handsome guy


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

that is awesome! congrats to him!!

Kate said...

Yay Tony!! So happy for your guys. Everything's coming together, I can feel it :) How did he get his job with the Admissions Dept in the first place? Just curious...

Caroline said...


Angela said...

Congratulations! It is wonderful doing a job that you love. Happy for y'all!