Monday, August 20, 2012

a dream home wish list

Happy Monday!!!
I am seriously hoping this heat subsides this tired of it!!! I love the hot weather but anything over 100 is a bit much.

Don't we all just love to dream about a home we could do anything with. Well today at Mrs. to Mama she is having a link up about dream I of course had to participate since we are hoping that dream is sooner than later :)
From Mrs. to Mama

1. if you were searching for a home right now, what would be on your MUST list
oh if only we were searching for a home right now, my heart would be jumping out of my chest ;) so I will have to go with my fantasies about a owning a home and what I wish to have in it.

A front yard AND backyard
Large kitchen
A wrap around porch. or just a porch
A pool depending on the city/state we live in
A fireplace
Walk in closet
A game room {love me some air hockey}
2. show me a favorite room in a home: the kitchen.
Everyone always congregates in the kitchen. I love sitting at a bar stool chatting, eating snacks, having a drink. I think it is one place where every one is comfortable and enjoys. It is definitely my favorite place! I cannot wait to have a large kitchen with space for family and friends to hang out.
3. if you could have any room redone, what room and what you would do: master bedroom
neutral colors. calm. comfy. simple. cozy. relaxing.

4. show me your dream home: have always wanted a wrap around porch to have our morning coffee on. Or to watch the kiddos play out front. A home with lots of trees to give some shade. A home with a red front door :) A home that Tony and I can grow old together in.


Brittany Walsh said...

Stopping by from the link up. Loved your Show + Tell Monday. That dream home looks like it's straight out of the movies. Pretty, pretty.

Joeylee said...

I love that kitchen and your dream home is just beautiful. I love the big wrap around porch.

Kate said...

Looks like your perfect place is North Carolina ;)