Thursday, August 30, 2012

an update

I went to the Dr. 9 days after I finished the hormone pill he put me on and the cyst came back. It had shrunk for just a few days...
So at that point he didn't want to pump me with constant hormones, so he said lets wait it out to see if you get your period and if it reduces in size. So we waited...
For 2 weeks!! It was an extremely long 2 weeks.
I went back to see him on Tuesday evening and the cyst was still there. Same size. 7 cm
It was different looking, better looking since I had my period....but still not good enough.
He prescribed me birth control for 2 months to see if that helps reduce the size. I started it that night. So I am being optimistic this will work. It has to! This has to get figured out. Without surgery! I see him again in 6 weeks. Going to be a LONG six weeks, let me tell you.

I am unable to do any physical activities still. No running, biking, lifting weights. Nothing. Well, ok not nothing...I can walk (wooo!!!) and we can have adult time. That's it!
I explained my concerns about getting pregnant. Will I be able to. Will I have a much more difficult time. Etc. He assured me I am ok. I am young. My uterus looks healthy. I am good to go. With one major minor setback...I have to be cyst free for at least 1 month before he will help us get pregnant.
There are a few obstacles I will have to overcome when that time comes. The major one being I have such a short time period between cysts forming. The come so quickly so trying to figure out my ovulation time (which isn't normal and hasn't been since oh....last December!!) Not so easy to track on my body. So that is kind of hard because obviously we need to know...
But I cannot let those thoughts get in my way, right? I need to be stress free as much as possible. I need to trust the Dr. I need to be positive and know what is in God's plan will happen. Tony and I will get through this. Together.
Whatever the means I need to do to get pregnant, I will do. If he says I have to go on hormones pills. Or shots. Or whatever other options/procedures are out there. I will do it.
We know we cannot do this naturally, just strictly do to the fact that my cysts are constant and takes over my pelvic area. But that will not stop us.
I know I am meant to be a mom. It is in my heart. It is what I have longed for my entire life. This is just a little setback.


Caitlin said...

Still praying for you! <3 Keep your head up, I like your positive attitude in this post!!

The Burtons said...

Just caught up on your blogs, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I love your positive attitude, hang in there, it will happen for you! We had a hard time getting preggo too and after trying hormone shots and IUI ended up with our beautiful twin girls :) There are so many options out there now and once you start the process it goes fast! Praying for you girl!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I can't even imagine your stress! Keep your self educated about everything (Which it sounds like you are doing) And make sure to listen to your gut! A woman's intuition is always right!!

When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a 3 deep belly breaths.