Thursday, August 2, 2012


current book:
sadly i am not a reader. i have rare moments where i love reading a series of books...but doesnt happen too often. so...with that sad, my current book is a school book.

current playlist:
jason aldean- dirt road anthem
lady gaga- you and i

current color:
anything and everything coral. clothes, nail polish, pillows, blankets.

current drink:
always. always. always.

current show(s):
true blood. sons of anarchy. justified.
all have major eye candy ;)

currents needs:
figure out what is going on inside my little body.
figure why i constantly get cysts?? how to get rid of them.

current banes of my existence:
people who don't do their job properly, so it effects everyone else!!

current #1 blessing:
husband. parents. seestor. best friends.

current indulgence:!! if you have not tried this ice cream you are missing out!!
it is absolutely deliciousness in your mouth!!

current outfit:
my outfit 4 of the 5 works days.

current excitement:
my cyst is shrinking! the hormone pills are working! God is so good!!!!!

current mood:
excited for the weekend!
gonna lay at the pool all day saturday with tony and mom :)

current favorite quote:

current wishlist item:
a lululemon sports bra

current favorite products:
all things Image skincare. this line has helped my face better than anything.
i love it!