Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That time Tony broken down the door

Last weekend was so extremely hot here in LA. Totally unbearable!! It was just craziness!!
We finally decided to breakdown and turn our AC on because the fan was just not doing justice in our apartment. S...Tony asks if all the windows are shut in the bedroom and bathroom. If yes, shut the door into the bed and bathroom so the AC stays in the living area. I shut it like he asked...

Literally the instant I shut it, he responds
did you make sure the door isn't locked?

Umm..no (my response).

Then all hell broke loose....well not really, but kinda.

{See the door that goes into our bedroom and bathroom doesn't unlock when you open it. You have to manually do so. Which we ALWAYS check to make sure it is unlocked, so we don't have an issue.
Well, being that I thought we had checked that morning...it didn't even cross my mind.}

In that next moment, I knew we were screwed! Literally screwed!!
There is no key to open that door.
Not quite sure why the apartment complex has a lock on it with no key.
I decided I was going to play McGuyver {sp}.
I googled how to pick a lock. Watched YouTube videos.
Nothing worked

So Tony stepped in.
He broken down the door.
Literally put all his weight into the door and it broke open.
Nothing major or crazy happened to it, except that now it doesn't shut LOL
But it is still in one piece :)

What a stud he is to breakdown our hall door ;)

Oh and I broke something else...
The rear hatch door on the Explorer is stuck.
Yup! I shut it last night when I was leaving work.
Got home to open it and get my crappola out of it
and it didn't open. Nope, it is totally stuck!!
Doesn't shut all the way either.

I tried to play McGuyver again...but no such luck.
Maybe I should give up on that and just let the pros fix the things I break.

So... we must take it in.
Unless anyone here on the blog world knows what I can do to fix it?? :)

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