Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a big gulp

Friday mom and I made a trek down to Anaheim. She wanted to treat to Starbucks. Of course I accepted the treat. Umm..hello! It is my second home for crying out loud. Sometimes when mom wants to treat to places because she knows we love it....I think it is because she secretly loves it too.
Mine drink looks like a big gulp from 7-11 and mom's...well it looks like a kiddie drink. This makes me wonder if my 20 oz. drink I get it a bit too large. I am going to go with no! No it isn't. ;)
Since mom was treating, it only made sense to offer to split something to eat. And well I have  had my eye on the pumpkin scones since last winter when they went away the beginning of September, I figured suggesting it would be a great idea :) As soon as we got in the car, mom asked if I warmed it up. I totally should have! But nonetheless it was delicious!! :)

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