Wednesday, September 5, 2012


harlow is the newest addition to my sister's household. she saved her at the local Santa Barbara pound. she's is the cutest!!!
two weeks ago hubby, myself, mom and jim went up to see aarika. we went to the farmer's market and state street. aarika had to bring the pup...
little did she know pups get tired, just like infants and toddlers when they walk too much. 
so....the photos show exactly what happened just after a short time of walking. 

 just look at that pups face...isn't it the cutest!! they carried her like this majority of the time.
all she wanted to do was sleep...

i have never seen a pup get so much attention than us walking the streets with harlow. everyone was stopping to pet her. rub her head. get her attention. it was nuts!