Wednesday, October 10, 2012

do blondes like really have more fun?!?!

Whenever it is time for me to dye my hair again, Tony always asks if I will think about going blonde instead. See, I have been blonde my whole life. I started highlighting my hair when I was in 7th grade. And stopped in 2009. That equals about 14 years of highlighting my hair. Oh S*&T!!! That is a long ass time!!!

So the debate between the two of us is here again. My hair needs some fixin' and he is begging me to go blonde. Why?!?!, you ask. He says the older I get the less likely I will end up doing it. So while I am young I might as well {did he forget I am turning 30 in about 15 months, totally freaking out about that btw}. Not that you can't be 30 and have blonde hair...I think blonde hair is gorgeous on ladies. I just feel like it makes me look younger.

I have been dirty blonde to porn star blonde {I deleted all these photos long ago...wooo weee it was bad!!!} I like being blonde, but it is SO much maintenance. And maintenance equals cash out of pocket.

Apparently blondes truly do have more fun based off my photos. All photos seem to be totally alcohol induced.

{a side by side comparison}

So...I need opinions. Be honest. I may listen, I may not ;) But I wanna know what you all think!


Eric's Mommy said...

I like the darker hair on you, that is my opinion. But this is coming from me and I look horrible with blonde hair, so I am partial to darker hair. Plus all the upkeep would be a pain in the butt.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Both are beautiful! I love the brunette - but you and the hubby are the ones that see if the most :-)

The Burtons said...

I like both, but am partial to blonde :) Go blonde!! haha!

Lindsy said...

I have been quoted as saying, "if you CAN pull off blonde, why wouldnt you?" .... in all seriousness, I dont think blonde is for YOUNGER people! Because, here is some food for thought: blonde covers gray a whole lot easier than brown. So, just go blonde and stay blonde foreverrrrr! that's my opinion ;)

Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

Wow.. you are lucky that you can pull off both looks. The blonde does look great on you but I agree, staying blonde can hurt your purse!! Either way, you are gorgeous!!