Monday, October 1, 2012


Happy October 1st!!! Holy smokes I cannot believe we are in October!! Seriously...this year is just flying by. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. And well truthfully I cannot wait. Yesterday was the first day I lit a fall/winter candle. Let me tell you, it was lovely!! I absolutely LOVE the smell of the holidays! :)  {can't you tell by all my exclamation points ;)}
Today I wanted to play along and link up with Becky. Love her! She has the cutest family! Her daughter is absolutely gorgeous! And I cannot wait to see what her lil man looks like upon his arrival :)
5 favorite memories
{this is kinda difficult. i have so many amazing memories. i will just go with the firsts that pop into my head.}
*snacking on chips and dip with my brother
*ditching school to hang with mom all day when my brother went to camp
*bike riding and playing baseball with dad
*sunday bbq's and swimming with the family
*wedding day
3 favorite beauty products
{best mascara I've ever had!}
 {all things laura mercier. i love!!!}
{can't go wrong with lip gloss!}
favorite tv shows
{best episode ever! holiday armadillo}
2 favorite pictures
{cant pick just two...sorry!} 
{all my wedding photos are my favorite...but I LOVE this one!}
{last photo I have of me and my guardian angel}
{the only photo I have seen of just me and my folks}
 {one of the most fun weekends was when my sisters came to stay with me in Oceanside}
favorite thing for 'me time'


Joanna said...

your wedding photos & dress are stunning!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I STILL laugh at all of the Friends episodes..even though I have seen them all a million times! And the saddest part? I can relate every life event to a FRIENDS episode... hahaha!

Lauren said...

LOVE SONS! It's my obsession! :) Love your wedding pictures!!!


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