Tuesday, October 16, 2012

missing you

some days it feels like time flies by. the days, months and years go by so fast.
some days it feels like you were here just yesterday. chatting with us about football or church or girls.

seven years ago God took you to heaven. not really sure why. and im not sure i will ever know. you were just the young age of 24. happy as can be. healthy as can be {besides the obv of being on a vent}. But you were healthy. and happy. and full of life. probably the one person who had a smile on his face every.single.day.

you were a my favorite person to talk to. my favorite person to hang out with. we were each others life savers growing up. most siblings never have a bond like the one we had. it was something special. a bond i wish i could have with me to do very day.

i miss you so much. sometimes you were the only one that could make me feel better. you knew how to live life with no regrets. you were happy and content with your life. you weren't angry about your situation. you didn't hate anyone. you were such an amazing inspiration to me.

there are so many days where that amazing spiri of yours would help. help me get through struggles i have. help me stay positive and only look on the bright side. i long to have that same spirit.

oh how life has changed without you erich...

every day i still find things that make me think of you. honestly, there isn't a day that goes by that you don't run through my mind. even just for a minute.

when i hear songs on the radio that you loved, i know you are right there with me singing along. when we tell stories about growing up or looking at old pictures, i know you are right there giggling along. when we are going through struggles and heartache, i know you are right there, watching over us. being with us. protecting us. i know you are my angel in heaven.

i miss you more than any of my words could ever describe. continue watching over your family, i hope we are making you proud...at least most of the time ;)

i love you!!

blaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P :-P


Sharon said...

Lindsay the bond you and Erich have although taken away physically can never be broken. I wish he was here to see what an amazing woman you have beoome and what a truly amazing man you have married. erich would love Tony and I know they would have gotten along so well. I know how much you miss him, you do not talk about it much, but I know why and that is ok. He is with you alwasy in spirit and just try and remember alwasy his positive look on life...he would want you to live the same way.

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