Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sushi and gelato

A couple weekends ago we went down to Balboa for the day.
We had sushi at our favorite restaurant....the Cannery.
Seriously, if you are ever in Newport Beach/Balboa area you MUST go.
We went here on our anniversary last year and LOVED it!!!
So we went back. This time we just went upstairs to the bar/sushi lounge.
Delicious!!! Cool atmosphere!
{glass jelly fish hanging from the ceiling}

Gotta have sake. So apparently you aren't supposed to shoot this. Yea well...umm being the classy woman that I am, I totally just downed it. Like a pro! Hubs tells me this after the fact.
Have I mentioned I used to think sushi was the grossest thing to ever walk the face of the earth. Like seriously, just the thought of it weirded me out. Now...well, now I love it. Sometimes I even crave it. Who have I become?!?!?!? Hubs is so proud :-)

{FYI...these purple shorts are my favorite! With a F!! I seriously love them!! Lauren Conrad @ Kohl's}

On our way home we stopped at Mangiamo in Huntington. Best gelato!!! I've had since being in Italy. A date is always best when it ends with gelato/ice cream/frozen yogurt.


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