Friday, November 2, 2012

huge pot of clutter

my mind, that is. and i just need to get it all out. so this might be a bunch of babbling, but's my space, i can write what i want ;-P

*i love when red cups hit starbucks, we all conclude that the holidays are officially here!

*with that being said, that means my 29th birthday is upon us. freak out mode is in full force!! i am having a midlife crisis about getting older. seriously....i have felt like this since i turned 26...

*i will never understand boys and their toys. and by toys, i mean nintendo xbox/playstation, anything to do with technology. i just don't understand the fascination. then again, i am sure they don't always understand how love blogging and sharing part of our lives with the world...

*i get to photograph a new lil baby on saturday. my friend had her 2nd girlie last week and i get to meet her this weekend and take photos for them. super excited. ideas flowing like crazy. lets just hope i can carry out those ideas and make them look good.

*i had a dream the other night that everyone i knew told me i was chubby. haven't been called that since i was in elementary school. so of course, being they psycho girl i am, i woke up and freaked out and told myself i need to watch what i put in my body and make sure i am working the calories off. way easier said that done due to not being allowed to exercise, except walking. i'm going nutso!!

*and before photos with one friend, i get to see another and her baby boy for a coffee date. getting in my baby time on saturday. my ovaries will be screaming all the way home.

*i've already bought christmas presents. cant wait to wrap and stick under the tree.

*i think this weekend i will focus on making my birthday and christmas lists. momma keeps asking, so i should oblige.

*sometimes school just really sucks! it takes over my life during the week and the weekends. i am tired of studying and note taking and reading. i want to be done.

*our apartment is starting to get cold in the mornings and nights. the slippers and sweats and sweatshirts and blankets are in full force.

*wish i could see all three of my sisters soon. i want to hang out with them. just chill and tell stories of growing up. have some drinks. and lots of laughs.

*i am improving on dropping my stress level. i am just letting things be. letting things happen as they need to. if things don't get done, i have tomorrow or the next day.

well sorry this post was pretty pointless, just getting my thoughts out.
have a great weekend!! :)


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

sometimes you need to get it all out! ;-)

Ashley said...

I totally need to start letting things go and letting them happen as they happen, whether it be today or tomorrow... thanks for the reminder!!

Hope all is well ;)