Friday, November 16, 2012

last weekend

for the 3 day weekend we went to fresno to hang out with the family.
the weather up there definitely felt like winter. it was about 48* for the first part of the day. then it warmed up to the mid 50s.
live music. dancing (yes hubs and i BOTH danced). we had a blast!
im trying to be more creative. more daring. just try new things.
so i did.
top: lucky brand {clearance}
leather jacket: costco
necklace: lucky brand
tony even got a new 'leather' jacket from macys.
he is looking sexy!!

saturday: just hung around. did some errands.
mil bought us this gigantic wine bottle. yes it is full of wine, but not for drinking just decorating :)

im totally loving this look on tony.
he was a little iffy about wearnig a poofy vest and a plaid shirt,
but i assured him he looks hot!

found feetsie pjs in mil closet. sock monkey pjs at that. super stoked! ready for seestor aarika to come down for a girls night so we can have a photo shoot in our matching onsies ;)

practiced my photography on tony and allie {sil}
went to our fav mexican restaurant for loads of chips and salsa and a few margaritas!! :) :)

lots of random stuff in between, but this was the highlights. it was a fun weekend. and after looking at these pics, im realizing the iphone kinda sucks at times....guess i need to bring out the big mama camera more often.

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