Tuesday, November 6, 2012

laughter from the 90s

mom was up at my grandparents house a few weeks ago and brought back some photos.
i love looking at photos of us growing up.
look at the sweater i have on. man was i stylish! those clothes were ridiculous ahaha!! who would want to dress like that again?!?!? not me. and that zach morris type phone. it is a cordless, not a cell phone but still...i don't even think they sell things like that anymore. oh the 90s :)
i love this photo. like a lot. first off let's get it out of the way how lame i look. besides the hideous sweater. i just look out of place. there i said it, you can all think it too ;)
what i love about this photo is it totally shows the personalities of erich and aarika. how goofy they are. how happy erich was. probably the happiest person you would ever meet. every time he laughed his mouth would open so wide and his tongue would stick out. it was hilarious. aarika kinda took on that trait...she opens her mouth wide, just no noise comes out. she laughs so hard she cannot breathe. quite amusing.
but this photo gives me happy and sad tears. happy that mom captured moments like this with our brother. happy that we all got along and laughed. a lot.
{even though i look totally annoyed in the photo. i swear i can be funny and goofy. i swear! :) }
sad that erich is no longer with us. he isn't here to make us laugh. or to be goofy with. but i know he is in our hearts. every day. we carry on his goofiness and happiness. we have to. and when i see aarika or even my other sisters say or do things that remind me of him. i know he is right there with us.
so this post wasn't meant to be sad at all...but now that i am tearing up. i guess it turned that way.
this post was supposed to be happy. and it is. it is because this is a family photo. that captures their personalities. and moments like this are what i cherish. and hold close to my heart.
takes photos. lots of photos. we never know what is in our future. where life takes us. the trials, struggles, happiness life will bring us. and photos like this, well they truly make me happy and fill my heart with joy. so take photos. capture the personalities of your loved ones. you will love the memories that go along with each and every photo.