Monday, November 5, 2012

show & tell link up: careers

morning ladies! another chilly morning here...thank God! :)
today is going to be a good day. i'm at it again. i can't hold out any longer. i got up this morning and did 20 minutes on the treadmill. a high incline and fast walking pace. it felt great!

i'm linking up with the lovely becky for her show and tell mondays...aka a little get to know me post.

1. tell us what you studied in college. is your job now related to what you studied?
i graduated with a degree in health care administration. i had always gone back and forth as to what i wanted to do with my future. i chose this because it is in the health care field, which i knew i for sure wanted. now...i do not work in that field. i work at a vocational school for nursing and allied health. i also go to school {again} at the same place i work. i'm going to school to be an ultrasound tech. i enjoy it, but i still have my days of thinking what the hell am i doing in school again?!?!?

2. tell us what your every day job looks like.
i sit at a desk majority of the day. i am the registrar, so i enter grades, attendance, keep student files up to date, stuff along those lines. do i enjoy it? no. do i like the people i work with? some of them. i am now just doing this to keep us afloat while i go to school. it works for the time being. my work is super flexible with me, which really helps. i work a few hours in the morning, go to school, work during my school lunch break, then more school, then i work until about 6p every night. so i am at my work from 630a till 6p. a long freakin day!!!

3. a picture of me at work
{i work at the same place as tony. different locations, but same company. friday night at the all school graduation.}

4. in 10 years what do you see yourself doing? same thing? more?
the obvious...i hope to be a momma. to at least two beautiful babies. i see myself working part time in ultrasound and if i follow my passion, i see myself working in photography {maybe even full time if i get gutsy enough}. i want to see my kiddos grow up. i want to be part of their lives, not working 24/7. i want to continue being an amazing wife to tony. eventually i want to get my master's degree. not sure in what, but that is definitely a goal of mine. for my own accomplishments. even if it takes 5 years, i will do it.

5. tell us what you have learned and any recommendations for those going into that field.
i have learned to follow your dreams. to not let others persuade you. to do what you want. i chose health care administration because i knew i would always have a job. everyone does in health care. isn't a passion or a dream. it is a paycheck. simple as that. with ultrasound, i chose it because i get to work in a hospital, with patients, but not attachment is there. i have issues with that {maybe another post}. but now that i am in it, it isn't a passion. yes i will be able to get a job anywhere in the world once i get my ARDMS, which is a very secure feeling. but i do not see myself doing this for life. my passion is with kids. seeing their joy. their pure excitement in life. seeing them accomplish things. i want to see that every day. with my kids and others. that's why i love photography, it captures those moments that we sometimes miss or are too caught up in other things to pay attention to the details. so in the end...follow your heart. yes money helps. trust me i know. it is a huge incentive. but we also have to follow our passions, even if it isn't a full time basis.

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