Tuesday, November 20, 2012

yard house: early bday celebration

friday night was a pre-birthday celebration since mom was in town. mom, tony, seestor, keith and i went to the yummy yard house for dinner. and half yard beers. 
naturally we all had to pose with them.  
 aarika being the badass she is...

and tony too.
well that's a totally different story. 
i couldnt figure out how to do the hardcore badass sicking your tongue out squinting your eyes look.

yup...here i am trying it again. probably for the hundredth time. 
no joke! each and every moment was caught on camera. 
i swear the other guests in the restaurant probably thought we were on drugs or something.
i love this photo of mom....she loves to have a good time!

ok ok, truth be told, we all couldn't hang. only aarika and keith ordered a half yard beer. but only keith could drink them both. aarika weenied out...guess you aren't that hardcore seestor ;)
i treated myself to a not so strong  long island. {for being a huge bar...it was a little weak for me}. 

then it was time for pictures galore outside. 
i brought my good camera, rather than just using the iphone. so glad i did. 
i think these turned out pretty darn good considering it was dark out. and i had the camera on manual mode.


seestor got me this pretty wish necklace from dogeared.
wish without limits...make it count
{definitely a saying i need to live by}

mom got me lots of things:
HUGE 2 pound reeses' cups {follow me on instagram @_linzyalexis_ to see pic}, skinny gray cords, 
a beautiful orange sweater {thanksgiving outfit}, the happiness project book, 
an irish t-shirt, an infinity scarf

Awesome pre-birthday celebration!!! :-)


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Looks like a great time! Happy Happy Birthday!

Sharon said...

And you still have your real birthday to celebrate! gREAT PICTURES - YOU ARE STILL BAD-ASS!!