Thursday, December 20, 2012

got my craftiness on

so stoked that today is my last day of school until january 2nd. i will not be opening one single book for the next week and a half. i don't even wanna look at a school book.
i have a huge test this morning, and instead of study before hand, 
i am making sure i get my blog post up and going. 
priorities. priorities.

today is thursday. thursday means a link up with the beauties of saw it. pinned it. did it.

so i know i posted these photos a couple days ago, but i didn't mention that i became crafty this holiday season. and i am pretty darn proud. why?!? well because i am the least creative crafty person in my entire family. it's a trait im super proud of.

everyone has seen the reindeer glitter canvas. right? well i didn't want to make my the exact same as millions of other women out there, so i found rudolph flying through the sky, or so it look likes
i think it is super cute.
 i also did a santa claus waving. i am super lazy this morning, so i didn't get a better photo, 
but you get the idea, yes? good!
i do have to mention this little craft was not as easy as everyone made it sound. tracing was fine. but when it came to get the glue inside the lines... yea not so easy. guess i was never good at keeping the crayons or markers inside the lines either. have i mentioned i was a preschool teacher ten years ago. 
not sure why they hired someone who cant color inside the lines.
so being that i am a little lame, tony came to the rescue. 
mr. awesome sexy crafty mc-crafterson!!
i love burlap. i love the look of it. 
so i wanted to do a sign that another million women have done.
super easy. super quick. 
cut burlap into the sizes we wanted for the letters.
i held the letters in place. tony painted inside the stencils.
waited for them to dry. super glued the tops of each letter to a piece of rope burlap.
watch it, glue guns get super hot!!
{again...not crafty. first time using a hot glue gun!}
and viola! you have a super cute sign that can say whatever you please!
im thinking i could do this craft for another holiday or even a photoshoot for someone... aarika, dawn...

now if we only had a fireplace or cute window to hang it by.
guess above the tv, in front of our beautiful cross will have to do... 

my seestor told me i did a great job. love the encouragement.
then she told me i am becoming mom. not quite sure if those are encouraging words.
mom has crafts and things everywhere!
we call it clutter. she calls it homey.
promise she isn't a hoarder... she just likes antiques and isn't a fan of open wall space.
love you mom! ;)


Rachel @ front row seat said...

Love how you made two different ones as opposed to the reindeer everyone has been posting. The little Rudolph is too precious! All your decor looks great!

Katie said...

I love the little rudolph! he is just too cute in your home! Send one my way....?? maybe? haha Hope you have a great Christmas and time off from school!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

These are awesome!! You are sooo talented!!!

Tiffany said...

Looks great! I really like the Merry Christmas banner. So cute!


Romantic Savy said...

So cute!!! Love the banner!