Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

happy friday lovlies!!!
i am stoke about today 
for one... we are alive and the myans failed ;)
for two i am on vacation until january work or school for this lady.

tony and i will be going out of town the day after christmas, so that will be a blogging break for me.
christmas eve and christmas day we are with the family. 
the 4 days after christmas tony and i are driving up pch {hwy 1} to see the gorgeous california coast.
then we will be with the in-laws for new years eve.

hope ya'll have a wonderful christmas with your loved ones. 
a safe and happy new year.

wish we were having a christmas like we did 2 years ago in texas 
{ok a few days after christmas, but whose counting}. 
look at all that gorgeous snow.
mind you, us californians were the only ones outside playing in it.