Friday, December 14, 2012

my 29th birthday

sunday on my actual birthday we headed to starbucks. of course! saw christopher meloni from law and order. thought that was pretty cool! ;)
seestor and i got our nails done. i got a gel manicure for the first time, totally obsessed. i love it!!! if i had the money i would probably get this done on a regular basis.
had some habit for lunch. then headed over to santa monica to walk around.

for dinner tony cooked up some delicious turkey burgers. other sister laur came over and hung out for a bit.
forgot to mention how awesome my hubby is... he got me a spa day gift card. yup, he did that all on his own. i am over the moon excited to use that bad boy next weekend... a facial, massage, and might even squeeze in another gel manicure ;)

cannot believe this is my last year of my 20s. totally weirded out by that. freaked out. scared. nervous. but excited also to see what will come this year....hoping for a good one!!

i had such a wonderful birthday weekend. i couldn't have asked for anything more. ok ok have seen my folks and sister kell.

{photo credit to seestor}