Thursday, December 13, 2012

perfect for a chilly day

doesn't make everyone?!?!?
best gift ever from the seestor!!!
perfect for a chilly day ;)

now on to more important things... like linking up with the gorgeous ladies behind 
saw it. pinned it. did it.
this amazingly delicious family recipe i am about to share with you.
{although i didn't see or pin it from someone else...i will pin it for you all to enjoy}
it comes from the italian part of me. and by part i mean the husband.
it is a recipe his nona makes. his mom has tweaked. 
and now 
i have mastered. 
after just one time of making it. yea, im pretty awesome like that ;)

lentil soup

what you'll need
lentils {1 lb bag}
baby carrots
italian turkey sausage {1 hot pkg, 1 mild pkg}
8oz. can of tomato sauce
head of escarole 

*fill a 6 quart pot with water. between 1/2 & 3/4 full. put in the following and stir:
* bag of lentils *1 - 1.5 cup sliced baby carrots *1 -1.5 cup sliced celery *peel the casing of the sausages and cut into small bites. *can of tomato sauce *1/2 tablespoon salt *pepper to taste

*keep heat on low for about 3 hours with lid on. continuously stirring. making sure you mix in the lentils. they can get stuck at the bottom and burn. i stirred about every 20-30 minutes. {but you can leave it longer if you've gotta leave somewhere just be sure to stir as soon as you get back}

*during the last hour {the 3rd hour} add in the escarole. rip it apart into medium sized pieces.

*continue stirring every 20-30 minutes. taste throughout the last hour or so of cooking to make sure the salt and pepper are added in to the amount you like. remember the sausage has salt, so you may not want to add too much salt at the beginning.

*ready to eat at about 3.5 to 4 hours.

*make sure you have a fish bowl of wine and a delicious loaf, and yes i mean loaf, of bread to enjoy with it. 

this obviously isn't a recipe you cook when you get home from work. it's something made on the weekend and used throughout the week or frozen for future dinners. mind you this makes a lot. we had it 3 nights one week and still have about 3 nights waiting in the freezer.

i promise you, you will love this soup. it is delicious. it is seriously the perfect thing to have on a cold day besides my chicken tortilla soup {which i'll post one day next week}. 


Katie said...

I have to admit..I love lentil soup. Not sure which part I love so much. I love ANY soup right now with the temps here! :)

Looks wonderful girl. Thanks for linking up again.. woo woo!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Yum! Looks delicious!!

Jazmine said...

Lol that coffee cup is hilarious. I want it.

Stephanie said...

THat mug...I die!! SO TRUE and I need to know where you got this!!

And the soup...oh my yum! Who doesn't love lentils!? And they're so healthy for you!!

THank you for linking up with us!!