Tuesday, December 4, 2012


i saw a super cute post on little moments like this blog, so i thought i would borrow the idea.

three books i wanna read i've read lately: 
1. the happiness project by gretchen rubin 
2. wanna read crazy love by francis chan 
3. one thousand gifts by ann voskamp

three shows i must watch:
1. sons of anarchy
2. justified
3. true blood

three movies i'll watch over and over again:
1. sweet home alabama
2. how to lose a guy in 10 days
3. the holiday

three things i drink every day:
1. coffee
2. loads and loads of water
3. chocolate protein shake

three least favorite chores:
1. laundry!!!
2. cleaning the bathroom
3. laundry!!!

three things im proud of right now:
1. myself. working, going to school, working, time for my self, husband and family. its tiring but worth it
2. started working out hardcore again and i feel amazing
3. the communication that tony and i have has been more than i could have ever dreamed of

three things im looking forward to:
1. christmas break! tony and i are both off work and we are planning a trip up the coast
2. having family over during the holidays
3. my birthday on sunday

three favor stores:
1. nordstroms
2. target
3. lucky brand

three things that make me very happy:
1. i am back to normal. cysts have been gone for 2 months now! :)
2. spending time with my husband and family
3. how much fun i am having with my photography

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