Monday, December 3, 2012

we olive

while we were in paso robles we went into town to walk around. now if you have ever been to paso there isn't much to see. i had never been to town before except driving through because when we go up there we just go to the lake or mid-state fair. so i was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few shops and lots of wine taste stores and olive oil stores. i guess these are fairly new...trying to spruce up the tiny town a bit. 

one store that i totally fell in love with was 
we olive

olive oils and olives galore. you can taste each and every single one. 
some people tony were taking little shots of each flavor. i on the other hand, prefer to dip my bread in it. 

i thought it these tin containers holding the oil was the coolest thing

you can buy pre-filled oils like the one below, which was very tasty!! or you can fill your own bottle with whichever flavor you choose from the tins. 

im kinda excited because im almost positive gramma bought tony and i a bottle for christmas....
i think aged balsamic or maybe just traditional olive oil. who knows. it will be good no matter what.
sorry mom...i saw ;)

this basil garlic parmesan was aaahh-mazing!!! i seriously could have drank the bottle. so delicious!

this store was tony's heaven. he loved it!

if you are ever in paso robles (just above san luis obispo} go to this store. it will not disappoint.


Kate said...

Was this Paso Robles?

Rebekah said...

I love stores like that! The olive oil is always amazing!