Monday, January 28, 2013

a coffee name

saturday morning i met up with my pops for a birthday coffee date. i was expecting he would pay, but unfortunately for me and fortunately for him, i beat him there so he got a free coffee and morning bun. 

while i was waiting in line i thought of my seestor {oh how i miss you!!} and how she uses a coffee name. yes, when she goes to starbucks or another coffee shop, she doesn't tell them her real name. i'm pretty she does it just for fun because she likes names other than her own. don't we all.

then i got to thinking, that is seriously a good idea. i need to start doing that. i need a coffee name. 

for fun. to be silly. to be like my younger seestor ;)

i need to try out all the girlie names i love, so when we have a little one, i will know that i like it. ha! silly way to figure that out. but it makes sense, right? because if they cannot understand you. cannot spell it correctly. then i may, just may, rethink naming my kid that.

by now it was my turn to order. i couldn't think of a name quick enough without sounding like a total idiot by not knowing my i used aarika's coffee name. maggie. she has used it for years. 

i love and have always loved the name mckenzie. i think i'll use that as my coffee name. it will be interesting to see how they spell it though. they cannot even spell lindsay properly. half the time they don't even hear lindsay, they write wendy. seriously?!?!


Kate said...

What's with the whole "seester" thing every time you spell out sister? I don't have a sister, so maybe I just don't get "the joke" Haha!!

Rebekah said...

Haha this is so funny! I always go through the drive through so I never get the chance to use a fake name :)

Sharon said...

So many ways to spell mckinzy!!

Mallory said...

My name is almost always spelled wrong, it's kind of fun to see how they spelled it and what name they call out.

My Dad (Tom) always used the "name" Grease when ordering food. Probably to embareass us, but there do tend to be a lot of Tom's out there. I like your diea!

Angela said...

That sounds like fun! McKenzie is very cute name--one I thought about for Audrey was Kinsey, which is similar! You can try it as one of your coffee names :)