Monday, January 7, 2013

drive up pch part one

as you can see i did change my blog design. i was bored. still kinda am of what i came up with but i had to do something so it didn't look like crappola this morning when i posted. i figured out how to do a lot of things, but i just am not sure what colors i really want and what i want where....

first off, this is like the only photo from christmas that didnt come out blurry. at least on my camera. mom i hope yours came out. my sisters and i were totally goofing off so we couldn't stand still for anything. i didnt even get a picture with momma and she stayed with us two nights and on christmas day ::insert sad face::

during the christmas holiday tony and i went up the california coast. just he and i. it was perfect! but absolutely freezing!!! i am from southern california, born and bred, and the beaches can get cold....but not like this. it was cold. and windy. needless to say we didn't have the proper clothes. 
like i said born and bred and i have never driven up hwy 1. 

first stop...
ever since i met tony in 2008 he has talked about the famous splash cafe in pismo beach. he has raved about the clam chowder. so if you are ever in the area go there. take his word for it, as i am not a fan of clam chowder. way too fishy for me. 

of course we had to get the obligatory beach in the background photos. we did a lot of that on this trip. but how can you not, the coast is just simply gorgeous. 

next quick stop...cauyucus
love this man with all my heart. 
he planned this entire trip on his own. and it was just perfect. fun. relaxing. and so enjoyable to have 'us' time away from the norm.

i have always heard so much about cambria. how beautiful it is. how relaxing it is. and that it was. reminded me of a mountain town. kinda like flagstaff. although i think flagstaff is much more gorgeous.
cambria is a tiny town. one main street.
my aunt has told us many times about cambria coffee roasting company, so we had to try it.
 they roast their own beans right on the premises. pretty cool little shop. 
there was a customer in their when we were and she was comparing everything to starbucks. it was kind of sad. yes i am a HUGE starbucks fan, but seriously...this is a small town with their 
own little mom and pop it and leave it at that. that's what i wanted to tell her. 
but...i bit my tongue and enjoyed my cup of joe with my man.
on the way to our hotel in san simeon, right up the road from camrbia, we spotted zebra. yup, those are real live zebra. EEK!! we were totally caught off guard because for one the ocean is literally behind me. two, you only see zebras at the zoo. there were about 20 just roaming around. so cool, huh?

 tony's friend, ryan {best man at our wedding}, recommended this saloon for a couple beers before we headed to dinner.  the outside of the building reminds me of something from the renaissance time. 

we ate dinner at Sow's Ear. Delicious steak. potatoes. salad. and a few glasses of red wine to end the night.
ok, well we didnt really end the night. we did a night tour of hearst castle. it was gorgeous! i had never been before. holy moly!!! how can one person have such a ginormous home. and a  vacation home at that. it was beautiful. im sure during the day the views are out of this world. i took very few photos inside because i was so interested in listening, not to mention no flash photography was allowed. 
i can only imagine the amazing parties that were thrown at his castle. 
definitely a site to visit!

and that is the end of our day one of driving up hwy 1. 
this photo was taken at our hotel before leaving for dinner. 
the sunsets we witnessed behind the clouds and over the ocean were breathtakingly gorgeous.
God is good!


Katie said...

I love Pismo! My family goes every summer and I always have to get my clam chowder from Splash! Looks like you guys had a great time traveling up CA, can't wait to see the rest :)

Joeylee said...

Looks like you had a good time. I love pismo. Great pictures

Katie said...

love it all!! that drive is the best :-)

Sharon said...

Great pictures; that one of you with the ocean in the background is gorgeous!! Sounds like you and Tony had a wonderful time-am so glad!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

We did a cost drive one year and it was fantastic!! What a fun trip and love all of your pictures! And that is soo sweet of your hubby to have planned the whole thing!

btw - would you want to guest blog for me? let me know!