Tuesday, January 22, 2013

facts of lindz

i love when we only have to work four days during the week. i mean seriously who thought of a five day work week and a two day weekend?!?!? the lamest of lame things in the entire world. this is something that should be on the ballot in 2016! or i just need to find me a job that i don't have to get up at 5am for. a job that i can be my own boss. yup, that sounds like the most fantastic idea to me! ;)

i am linking up with whitney for the 'facts of me'.

~ my wedding was one of the best days of my entire life. but let's face it. i.got.wasted! like no joke totally and utterly wasted. so naturally i got down on the dance floor. and by got down, i mean i literally got down and twirled around in my wedding dress. unfortunately there are no photos to see me in that state. i would have loved for someone, just someone, to have photographed that moment. i laugh so hard just typing it. such an awesome night!
yes that is how the night went as well. maybe we were both wasted. whatevs...best day/night ever!!

~ i talk really really loud when im on speaker. i feel the other person cannot hear me so i totally overcompensate.

~ i hold grudges. to a fault. if someone hurts me or someone super close to me, i never forget it. i will still talk to that person but the relationship is just never the same. my mom pretty much yells at me for this. she says it isn't nice. and i need to forgive and forget. ummm yea, no!

~ every morning i have a routine. literally i could do this routine with my eyes shut it is that exact. but when i stray from that routine for some reason it messes with my morning 'duties'. and my day just isn't the same. i am usually extremely bloated all.freakin.day! anyone else have this issue?!?!

~ moved to texas a few months after we got married. worked at good ol' StarB the entire time i was there. in a way it was a learning experience. in a way it sucked! the best thing out of it was i learned ways to make drinks cheaper. and tastier ;) hence my love for StarB.

~my favorite scent is hawaiian tropic sunscreen. i seriously could eat that stuff i love it so much! i wish it was socially acceptable to wear it as a perfume and people not think i just walked off the sand. although walking off the beach every day wouldnt be too bad. especially a crystal blue water beach...
{honeymoon 2010}

~ i cannot sleep with socks on. nor do i let my husband.

~ i have had two plastic surgeries. lasik (not sure if that really is, but let's just roll with it) and a boob job. two of the best decisions i have ever made in my life. maybe even better than choosing to marry my husband. 
just kidding ;-P love you baby!
before...absolutely nothing.at.all!

~ i tried out for the cheerleading squad every.single.year. from 8th grade till senior year. never made it. but i was so determined to be a cheerleader. i never gave up. heart was broken every.single.year, but i guess when you want something bad enough you go for it. the night i met my husband, he asked if i was a cheerleader... ummm, at that point i wasn't sure if that was to be a compliment or an insult. im gonna go with compliment because i am pretty darn happy and funny! 
or maybe because i looked like this in high school...not pretty enough?!?!

~ love me some wine. red wine actually. although my fav white wine is reisling. but there is just something about a fish bowl of red wine that makes me happy. yes a fish bowl. the best way to drink wine.

well that's all the crazy, random, silly facts i can think of this morning. hope ya'll enjoyed!
happy tuesday!


Sharon said...

Yep all tht is so true about you!! How about "oh my gosh", "thats crazy" um ... you are a B - - ch when you do not eat on time! You do not like change ... you are a fantastic photographer but fail to realize it on a daily basis. And you are an amazingly beautiful daughter! Love you.

Rebekah said...

This was really fun to read! I can't sleep with socks on either!

The Nomad said...

I feel the same way about my duties. I think its part of being smart and healthy. Just like drinking lots of red wine (like i'm doing right now) ;) My dad has serious skin cancer and i've always loved the scent of sunscreen. It reminds me of driving to school with my daddy. I'd love it if 'Sunscreen' became a scent. Hehe

Mallory said...

I had lasik too and I'm so thankful!! My eyes were so bad, I may need to have it done again (it's been 8 years) since they still age normally, but it's really one of the best decisions ever!

(and I consider it surgery too!)

P.S. hello from a long time reader!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm just stumbling across your blog and I'm hooked! Thank goodness for finding another boob-job girl... I just had my consultation on Monday and will have my surgery in March. I'm sure I'll have to ask you a few questions between now and then!