Wednesday, January 23, 2013

new shoes & a tasty treat

since i am a hardcore runner now, tony bought me some hot pink brooks.
i mean i run two every every day now for 2 weeks. isn't that considered a runner? ha! im trying to work my way up to five miles, but it's taking way longer than i thought. who seriously enjoys running during the exercise? i just enjoy how i feel afterwards. how clean my lungs feel. how healthy my heart feels. and i think the pink shoes really make running that much more fun. 
in all seriousness, when you get new tennis shoes or new workout clothes, it truly helps get you motivated. i was never ever one to buy workout clothes. i just worked out in a baggy t-shirt and sweats and wore whatever shoes i had laying around. but when you do that, you don't see improvements. if you are working out arms or legs or what have you with a baggy shirt on, you won't see your muscles peeping through. but if you work out with tighter pants, doesn't have to be skin tight. a shorter sleeve or sleeveless shirt a little more fitted. you will see those improvements. you will see your muscles working hard. trust me it truly does help.

with that being said, go get yourselves some hot pink brooks. promise you will love them. this is my second pair. they are super comfy too! and depending on the style they have different colors. the pure cadence like i got come in purple or blue. 

and speaking of these amazingly cool hot pink sneakers. tony told me last night he thinks im good with the five pair tennis shoes in my closet. ummm... no! i could use a few more. i have my sites on some orange ones and blue ones too ;)

ya'll have seen the recipe for energy balls floating around pinterest. i had first seen them on katie's blog. she totally raved about them. so i finally broke down and made them.

oh my gosh!!!! 

these things are amazing. like truly delicious. i could eat them all day. no joke, it's kinda like lay's potato chips (i think it's lays), where you cant just eat one. or is it oreo?!? holds true for these balls.
you seriously cannot eat just one. 

best part is they are super quick and super easy to make. you get all the ingredients pictured below. 

- 1 cup old fashioned dry oats
- 3/4 to 1 cup toasted coconut flakes 
- 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
- 1/2 cup peanut butter {i used crunchy}
- 1/2 cup ground flaxseed {only store i found this at was trader joe's}
- 1/3 cup honey {i accidentally used 1/2 cup. still tastes delicious!}
- 1 tsp vanilla

stir all ingredients together in a medium bowl until thoroughly mixed. let chill in fridge for about a half hour. then roll into any size balls you choose. some of mine are 1 inch, some are .5 an inch. oh make sure you store in an air tight container in fridge. now enjoy your little heart out. 


these are a perfect little snack after a work out. or in the middle of the day. so now that you have ideas to buy new tennis and make these energy balls, get your butt moving. go work out! just move. remember it doesn't have to be anything crazy or heavy weights or running five two miles. just move!