Wednesday, January 9, 2013

santa cruz boardwalk

after spending a majority of the day in monterey, we headed to santa cruz. 
i was super stoked to finally be going there. i've always heard how much fun the boardwalk is. 
but everyone failed to mention since it's freezing cold {38*-45*} up there in the winter, 
the boardwalk is closed.
oh mom always says 'tis life.'

we made the best of it. walking around holding onto each other because our bodies were ice cubes. 
grabbed dinner at a place over looking the beach. i think it was called aquarius... not too sure. 
not bad, but not the greatest.

we played three games of air hockey. i won. have i mentioned i rock at air hockey. well, i do. im awesome like that. i keep telling tony when we have a home, we have to have an air hockey table. 
the little kid in me comes out ;)
then i played that game where you throw roll the ball up behind the plastic hoping to get the ball in the high points hole...what the heck is that game called??!?! total blonde moment over here. 
yea, i did pretty awesome on that game too.

and pretty awesome at arcade games means lots of tickets.
and lots of tickets means a pretty stoked lady.
and since i am 29 years young, i didn't feel like getting one of those silly little prizes i had always wished for as a kid...i gave my tickets to a cute little girlie. she didn't have very many, so i pretty much made her day ;)
or at least i imagine i did.

it was about 9p and literally this area of town was dead. so we decided to head back to the hotel. blast the heater to thaw and relax. give massages, and well you know ;)