Thursday, January 24, 2013

spd: painted mason jars

we are one day closer to friday. which means the weekend is almost here. pretty excited to sleep in!!!
which also means one more week until i can have that fish bowl of wine i have been dreaming of since january 1st. totally sticking to my goal of no junk food or alcohol for the entire month of january. 

thursday means a diy project to show off. which brings me to the lovelies behind spd stephanie and katie.

my brain started turning when my mom told me about these super cute mason jars. at first i wanted to do something with candles, but seriously we have so many candles...i needed to be a bit more creative. 

enter pinterest. seriously, what did we do before pinterest?!?!? kinda like what did we do before the iphone?!?! no idea what i did when i couldn't constantly check ig or twitter... 

my inspiration

let me start of by saying this was the easiest. simplest. quickest. diy project ever known to man. seriously! i was shocked at how quickly it was done. no joke 5 minutes. 

-you will need a mason jar {any size}
-food coloring
-mod podge
-popsicle stick or plastic silverware
pour 1-2 inches of mod podge into mason jar. add about 7 drops of food coloring. mix thoroughly. the color will show up pastel, but no need to worry it will dry whatever color you chose. i chose orange and teal.
 now tilt the jar every which way. make sure every nook and cranny has color on it. don't use anything to spread the color around or you will have streaks/marks once it's all dried. 
now flip the jar upside down onto a paper bag or paper plate or what have you. this will get rid of all the excess glue. i would say about 30 or so minutes. 
then you are good to go to flip it upright and let dry for 24-48 hours. 
once it's dry it looks like this. not pastel. a bright orange. although the teal is still pretty dark. looks black unless light is shining on it. oh well...i can peel the glue off and start over if i want to. 
that's what i also love about this. it isn't permanent. you can change it up :)
i put bright hydrangeas in both jars. adds color for spring time. i also colored the print below for valentine's day. felt like a little kid again trying to stay inside the lines.

i'm pretty excited about this little change in our apartment. i got some yummy potpourri to fill a hurricane vase. i filled another vase with our wine corks. changed out the red couch pillows for white. the living room looks much brighter and happier. i love it!


Katie said...

LOVE colored mason jars!!! SUCH a good idea. def going to try this girly!

thanks for linking up again! love it so much!

Sharon said...

I love the orange jar! It is so cute! Great idea!!

Erin said...

Oooh this is pretty awesome! Never though to change the color of them. I did something with mason jars this week too! Great minds think alike :)

Joeylee said...

What I great idea. I didn't know that it was that easy to color them. I might have to get some. They look great

The Burtons said...

I love those!! I am so not crafty but that looks easy! Going to do it ASAP!

Rebekah said...

These are super cute and so easy! I'm going to have to do this!

Melanie Montgomery said...

So cute! I have this pinned and was wondering how easy it was.

Meredith said...

awesome DIY, thanks for sharing i needed this motivation, we're hoping to do this for my wedding.

Lindsy said...


Michelle said...

Cute! And definitely easier than I thought they would be. I may have to try this very soon!