Thursday, January 17, 2013

SPD: Workout Edition

today is going to be a gorgeous day!! seriously it is supposed to be in the mid 70's the rest of the week and not a cloud in the ski. i am stoked!! so tired of this 30*-40* weather. so that means this weekend we will definitely be getting our butts outside to enjoy it.

like everyone else, i am totally and completely addicted to pinterest. like's ridiculous! but there is so much neat stuff out there. lots of things i cannot wait to do for when we have a home. so many cool DIY projects. and fitness inspiration. which i am a huge fan of.

so i linked up again with Katie and Stephanie for the weekly SPD.

i thought i would mix up my workout a little the other day. so instead of running on the treadmill i did this mix of cardio and strength, that i found here via pinterest.

then i did back and abs. and this is what i looked and felt like afterwards....
exhausted. pooped. shocked that i completed it all.

after a crazy ass workout, i ate some pinterest inspired turkey burgers. i got the idea to add jalapenos to the ground turkey from here. that was pretty much all we did from this recipe. but we added some chopped up garlic, sea salt and pepper. it was tasty. the jalapenos added the perfect kick. i have my turkey burger on a bed of lettuce now instead of the bun, with cheese, grilled onion and tomato. looks like i have tons and tons of cheese but i promise you there really isn't...maybe it's the angle ;)
now i promise i have a  much more exciting SPD for next week. i found it this week and will be working on it this weekend :) also, come back tomorrow because my seestor, and esthetician will be giving some beauty and skin advice. you won't want to miss it!!! like for real. not to mention she is pretty darn funny herself. :)


Ashley Barnhill said...

That work out sounds exhausting! Good for you for finishing it!

Melanie Montgomery said...

Those turkey burgers look so good!

Linny said...

Good job finishing that workout....I may try to be brave and do that this afternoon! Thanks for sharing!

kilipohi said...

God job! I was looking at this for the weekend.