Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get Fit {At Home}

Fitness and eating healthy are a huge part of our lifestyle. 
Since January 1, I have been working out 6 days a week and let me just tell you how amazing I feel. Inches gone. Love handles gone. 
Never thought that day would come again.  
Nothing has stopped me cyst will come between me and working out again ;) or at least I hope not. I haven't been able to go a month of straight working out since before my surgery at the beginning of 2012, 
so needless to say I am one stoked girl!
{I will post progress pictures soon}

We don't have a gym membership, so we improvise. 
And by improvise I mean shop at Play It Again Sports for used and new fitness/sports equipment. 

1- medicine ball. we have a 12 pound ball. use it for abs, triceps, squats and lungs.
2- free weights.
3- yoga type mat. perfect for any exercise you do on the floor.
4- stability ball. best thing ever for abs. in my opinion. there are so many different exercises that will have your abs screaming if you use this.
5- weight jump rope. seriously the best thing ever. the handles are weighted so it adds a bit more of a challenge. definitely a full body work out
6- bench. we were lucky enough to find ours almost brand new by someones trash can. this isn't a necessary item, but ours gets a lot of use.
7- bosu ball. best thing ever!!! there is so much you can do with one of these. use it for just about every muscle group. and amazing piece of equipment for the core. lots of stability/balance is gained from using this.
8- resistance bands. another must! if you don't have weights these can be used in place of. we use these for arms {biceps and triceps}, legs and butt.

That is my at home gym. Don't get me wrong I would love a gym membership, but that costs money that we are trying to save. So like I said, we improvised and you can too!! If you want it bad enough, go for it. No more excuses!! :) Get your butt up off the couch and start today. Small steps are better than no steps.