Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I don’t know about y’all but I've definitely struggled with scars. No matter what I did, even if my skin was clear, the scars remained! It was so frustrating. And some of my scars weren't the tiny you-can’t-see-them-without-staring-scars. They were worse. I call them….dun dun duunnn….CRATER SCARS! Anyone else know what these are? Crater scars are almost like someone used one of those crafting tools and punched in a little piece of your face. Screw those crafty pimples. 

Needless to say, I didn't go outside of the house without makeup on, and for awhile I tried to hide in my hair making my acne even worse. (oils in your hair can be a cause of a breakout) In Jr high I was made fun of, and I’m sure even in high school, they were just kind enough to keep it behind my back. How nice of those popular kids, right? Gotta love high school. Anyways, not like I’m holding a grudge or anything...It’s okay, sweet revenge has taken over and they now have troubled skin while I have all the secrets to great skin! Muhahahaha!!!

Okay, got a little off topic there. Are you guys ready for my saving grace secret?
It’s worked wonders on my skin, and Linz just told me it’s been working great on her skin, too! And the best part about it is it’s totally affordable and conveniently available at your local grocery store. 
Here’s why it’s so great…

-Vitamin E oil promotes healing. It supports new skin cell growth as well as speeding up skin cell regeneration. It is a strong antioxidant that prevents premature aging. Yep, it can even help with wrinkles! Wrinkles are often cause by free radicals (unstable compounds that damage cell structure).

-Vitamin E contains collagen. Collagen is a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic. The collagen helps with scaring, which we all know to be super stubborn skin! Vitamin E oil goes beneath the surface of your skin to block those free radicals, which prevent the healing process.

-Vitamin E oil helps with brown spots as well. Brown spots are also caused by…yep you guessed it, free radicals. Those damn things seem to be interfering with our beauty. Brown spots are also caused by aging and poor liver function. Vitamin E oil will help lighten the spots and smooth any rough spots by lubricating cell membranes and increasing cell regeneration.

One thing about Vitamin E oil is that it’s super thick and sticky, so you’re going to want to apply it at night only. When you sleep is when your skin does its healing, so adding the Vitamin E oil will only benefit your healing process more. Since it is thick, I just put a dime sized amount on my fingers and pat the oil into my skin. It’s much easier this way! Plus a little fun fact: you should always pat your products into your skin so you are pushing the product onto your face, not rubbing it into your fingers. After applying the Vitamin E oil, continue with your other PM products. Vitamin E oil is super hydrating. 
You’ll absolutely love this awesome and absolutely affordable product.

PS: If you have any requests on products, information, etc, just ask Linz and I’ll write a post about it!



Ashley said...

That s great to know!!! I've been using coconut oil!!

Have a great day!!

Angela said...

Great info--thanks!

Rachel said...

I need to try this. I always write (bitch) about my acne problems on my blog. Since my face has been relatively clear for a few months, I have been getting peels for the scars. It hasn't worked too great.


Brooke said...

Can't wait to try this. I have so many scars it's disgusting!

Nicole Marie said...

definitely going to try that out... the problem is my skin is so senstivie and if i try something new i break out... i can only wash my face with water, no soap

Jill said...

Thanks for the tip!! Does this not make you break out though? I've had some dry/scaly spots lately and would really like to try this. Usually my skin is oily and breaks out easily, so the dry patches are weird. Sounds like this would help with those dark "I just recently got rid of a zit" spots that seem to plague me!