Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend happenings

Is it really Monday already?!?!? Seriously not a fan of these days whatsoever!!
Especially when I have a huge final this morning. I better pass or I am screwed and a failure.

My weekend wasn't too exciting since I studied a majority of it, but here you have it in a nutshell :)
{all photos from instragram @_lindsayalexis_}
one. tony bought me some gorg hot pink lilies.
two. my new yeast-free cookbook thanks to Stephanie
three & four. a girls night out for margaritas & chips/salsa.
five. the only thing that kept me sane Sunday morning.
six. my super cute new wallpaper from Aubrey @ The Kinch Life
seven. the love of my life trying to keep my spirits up from studying.
eight. trader joe's run for lots and lots of veggies this week.
nine. a little vino while I cook.

That's all I have for you today. Short and sweet. Wish me luck on my final. I need it.
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