Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

 Happy Monday! I am totally stoked we get to chill for one more day. We have absolutely zero plans, just to be lazy and be together. I love those kind of if we only had a porch or backyard to lounge in, then it would be just a tad more perfect :)

one. friday i had a coffee date with dawn and her little munchkin. then i got to meet @jenfurp for the first time for a photography lesson. had a blast. learned a ton. and got to hang out with her cute little squirt who is so stinkin' hilarious and a total ham! 
two. saturday night we had some fish tacos and fish bowls of red wine. yes, i always pour fish bowls. it's either i want to get a fun little relaxing buzz going on or I just don't want to get up for a refill or I am just totally not paying attention when I pour. you choose. but im gonna go with all three. ;)
three. tony gave me this gorgeous claddagh ring for our five years of being together {yes, I am Irish}
totally in love with it! 
four. went to a little place we like to call heaven {to find out where this is...come back tomorrow} got up early and went to a rifle competition with the husby and daddy-o.
eight. made brussel sprouts for the first time. a new fav! funny thing is a few years ago you would never have caught me eating greens and tomatoes with salt and pepper. i just totally was not that girl. who have i become?!?! a semi-health nut? which i am totally loving by the way :)

Now that we get this extra day off I think I will have another fish bowl or two just because I can :)
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Erin said...

Haha you get down with those fishbowls! But next time you should bring one over here so I can help you out with it :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Love your manicure! Sounds like a fun weekend! I totally agree with you about having a porch!

How do you get your pictures in that collage form??