Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We have made it half way through the week. Yay!!! Last night we rented Argo. Good movie! Seriously, though...can Ben Affleck get any more attractive?!?!? I have had a major crush on him since he first entered the scene in Good Will Hunting. He is my hall pass ;)

I saw this five things floatin around, and being that it's a random kinda day. Here is some fun for ya...'ll find in my purse
1. cell phone....the Iphone 5 might I add! {free!! with our upgrade!}
2. loads of pink lipglosses and chapstick
3. gum. can't forget about the gum. Favorite is the blue 5
4. all the long lost bobbi pins
5. pepper spray. Ladies you must have!! Better to be safe than sorry'll find in my bedroom
1. the dresser I've had since I was born
2. our snowboard stuff crammed under our bed
3. a tool box {oh how i love to live in an apartment ::enter sarcasm::}
4. jewelry box and jewelry hanger
5. a closet full of shoes {and by shoes I mean tennis shoes and flip flops}

...I've always wanted to
1. write for a fashion magazine and have a fashion makeover show
2. travel to Ireland and find out my family history
3. be a momma of 5 kids, but now that I am almost 30...not too sure that will happen
4. get a tattoo in honor of my brother, but I cant find exactly what I want...and I am too chicken to do it 
5. build a home near the ocean. with a wrap around porch to sit on and look at the ocean every morning

...I'm currently loving
1. Friday, Saturday and Sundays when I can get out of scrubs and wear normal clothes
2. my new iPhone 5 that I got for FREE with my upgrade!!!
3. the coconut lime lotion from bath and body works
4. school. crazy that I say that, I know. But yesterday I was scanning my classmates heart! Yes her heart and it was the craziest, most amazing thing I've seen so far!
5. that fact that I now know of a little vacay to Palm Springs for the weekend in a few weeks

...quirks I have
1. the kitchen and bathroom towels have to be hanging wrinkles. no messy look. nothing.
2. crack my ankles all.the.time.
3. always cough like something is in my throat
4. apparently I always say seriously?!?! in a high pitched voice
5. I have to tidy up the house before we go to bed. Everything has to be put away. Clean dishes. Blankets folded. Couch pillows presentable. Clean.

Speaking of what's in my purse, I wouldn't mind getting a new purse like this. Super cute for spring/summer.

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Rebekah said...

If I could live at the beach I would love it! It would be perfect. That purse is so cute!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I feel the same way about tiding up the house before bed! I hate waking up to a messy house, let along coming home from work in a messy house.

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Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Very cute purse!!! Interesting that everything has to be put away before you go to sleep? I would like to say I am the same, but sometimes, I am too lazy! ha!

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