Friday, March 15, 2013

it's friday!!!!!


reading: the happiness project and crazy love {by francis chan} love both these books! Both make you re-evaluate and think. You should go pick one of for yourself this weekend :)

watching: we downloaded Boardwalk Empire. It is a good show, but for real could it be any slower?!?!?!? I need some action. Something to keep me from fallen asleep. Which reminds me, we are renting the new 007 tonight.

thinking about: how I really do not want to go to work today. I would LOVE to play hooky and go relax on a beach somewhere. Or find a pool to chill at. Get my tan on....

loving: the amazing weather we have had this week. Tony and I went on a walk last night...gorgeous!! Reasons like this make me love California. 8:30p and no jacket needed.

looking forward to: the weekend!!!! Saturday we are going bike riding at the beach. Holla!!!! Cannot wait to put these toes in the sand...just wish the seestor was here too.

cooking/baking: these delicious pancakes and a new chicken recipe I will share next week. One thing I make on the regular are the protein balls I discovered through Katie. Tony requests them weekly. No joke.

disliking: my day yesterday... I posted on IG {_lindsayalexis_} that i chugged a bottle of white wine. Yea that was no joke.

making me happy: morning coffee. There is nothing like it. It is part of my routine. It makes me smile.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!!!