Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Long Islands for the win!

We celebrated my littlest seestor's birthday last night. And this morning I'm thinking maybe I celebrated a little too much for my 29 year old self. I am starting to think I cannot handle hard liquor any more :/ 
Two too many long island's.
Maybe stomach ache and a tad bit of a headache today. 
Long Islands-2. Lindsay-0.
{it's going to be a five cup coffee kinda day for sure}

Thanks to my man for making such strong delicious shots for us before going out. 

We went to the Odyssey, which over looks the entire valley. Dad treated us all to dinner and drinks. Seriously so nice of him. And if you know my pops you would know this is way not normal for him. He doesn't do 'fancy' places. Do you dad?!? ;) But for little Laur he will do anything! Baby of the family = favorite. 

Birthday girl in all her glory. 
Drink numba one! 
A cucumber martini.

 I even got dad to drink two fish bowls of wine. Real wine. Not boxed wine. Oh so proud!!

A jalapeno burger. It had jelly on it. Like jelly you use on toast. Strange, right?!

Drink numba two.
A mojito of some sort.
Looking a lot little tipsy. I succeeded in doing my sisterly duties.
I had so much fun! We all did. We were there for about 4 hours telling stories. Enjoying our time together. 
It was a very nice evening. Thank you dad for everything!! :)
Thanks Laur for coming out to celebrate your birthday!!! We love you more than you know!!